Why do they write only negative reviews about Global Capital Alliance?

Why do they write only negative reviews about Global Capital Alliance?

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Global Capital Alliance Broker Review

Global Capital Alliance claims to provide almost greenhouse conditions for its clients. Only the best assets for trading, current market news and a high-class team of professionals – this is what, according to the broker, awaits every investor when working with him. But the reviews of traders say the exact opposite. What’s the matter? Has the reputation of a qualified broker been tarnished by competitors? Or is the negativity on the internet the truth about globalcapitalalliance.com? We’ll find out in the review.

The main thing about the company’s website

The website of the globalcapitalalliance.com broker has a landing structure, the entire content of which can be studied in a few minutes. It is decorated in a dark color scheme, which in theory should look quite innovative. But in inept hands, the appearance of the financial intermediary’s web resource has turned into a project of high school students. There is no doubt that not a penny was invested in it. In order to verify this, let’s turn to the verification service:

Site price broker Global Capital Alliance

Interestingly, the web resource supports two language versions: Russian and English. The team of the company, which we are introduced to on the main page of globalcapitalalliance.com, consists of young traders with Russian names, which gives us the right to assume that the broker is focused specifically on the CIS financial market.
It is noteworthy that the full names do not match the images, that is, the people indicated on the intermediary website really exist, but have a different appearance, are engaged in things far from trading and are in no way associated with the Global Capital Alliance. The legend looks plausible, if you do not start to delve into its essence.
The verification of his real age finally discredits everything said by the broker:

Age of Global Capital Alliance broker website

It turns out that it exists only 4 months. Looks like we’re dealing with a scammer.

Broker Documentation

Interestingly, the Russian-speaking company did not bother to apply to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to obtain a license to work:

Lack of a license in the Global Capital Alliance broker

Instead, the country of registration and regulation is the United Kingdom. This statement led us to check the website of the UK regulator FCA:

Global Capital Alliance scammers

As expected, our protagonist has no license. This is a typical situation for scammers.

Working conditions

The broker Global Capital Alliance does not say too much about trading conditions. He does not have a demo account, and 4 tariff plans have been created for potential customers, which are disclosed only after registration. What is well known is the leverage, which reaches a huge value of 1:400. If the intermediary were indeed regulated by the UK regulator, they would not be allowed to offer us leverage above 1:30. Deposits, commissions, spreads and swaps are hidden information.
Assets include indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, options, and currencies.

Intermediary reputation and conclusions

Much more accurate than any verification service are the reviews of investors who have fallen into the trap of scammers. Here’s what they look like if we’re talking about the Global Capital Alliance:

Reviews about the broker Global Capital Alliance

Negative reviews about Global Capital Alliance

Everything suggests that making money with globalcapitalalliance.com will not work. These swindlers brazenly rob dozens of investors a day and will not spare you. Prevent the inevitable: do not invest in this scam project!

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