Is ForexBY a reliable broker?

Is ForexBY a reliable broker?

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ForexBY broker review

ForexBY positions itself as a reliable broker that you can trust. The company promises comfortable conditions, the opportunity to invest in the best financial assets. The exchange intermediary claims numerous advantages of investing, but how does the market trade actually work? To answer this question, you need to study the official website of the exchange intermediary. In today’s article, we will tell you how the company actually works.

ForexBY trading conditions

The ForexBY exchange intermediary offers effective investments and talks about numerous advantages:

  1. official activity. The company was included in the register of Forex brokers of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Favorable investment conditions. The exchange intermediary provides ample opportunities for clients with any capital.
  3. Exemption from income tax. The income received is not taxed, and therefore the investor can record a good final result.
  4. High-quality information support. The client receives competent analytics and timely reviews of economic news. He can at any time contact a technical support officer to resolve important issues.

Forex Company website

The exchange intermediary promises to provide favorable trading conditions. It allows you to replenish the deposit and withdraw funds with zero commission. Spreads depend on the selected financial asset and start from 0 pips. The maximum leverage is 1:100. The support service operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The company offers to activate one of 4 account types. The Standard account has market execution and a minimum deposit of $500. A professional account allows you to display applications within 1 second. It provides floating spreads from 0 pips. To activate this tariff, you will need to deposit 1,000 US dollars. The exchange intermediary has developed several attractive accounts, but before starting a full-fledged trading activity, it is necessary to check the reputation of the project.

Investing with ForexBY broker

Platforms on the official website of ForexBY

The broker’s website talks about the presence of several working systems. A registered client can download one of the popular terminals:

  • xCritical is an online platform that involves the use of high technologies. It provides fresh quotes delivery and one-click trading functionality. The client receives automatic market analysis and all the most necessary functions in one terminal. An exchange player can use more than 55 analytical tools when creating his investment portfolio. The system features improved performance and accurate graphics. Special developments allow instant technical analysis.
  • MetaTrader 4 is a working terminal that features innovative technologies and rich functionality. The system carries out fundamental and technical analysis, which allows even beginners to earn money. The client can carry out trading operations online, use the built-in analytics and news. It is planned to copy successful strategies and supply quotes online. The platform provides the market player with interactive charts.

Both terminals provide convenient mobile applications that can be easily downloaded to smartphones and tablets. These systems allow you to use all the functionality of the platforms using a regular phone. The market player will have at his disposal numerous indicators and advisors that will help improve the final result. Before downloading one of the presented systems, it is recommended to make a careful review of the company, to determine its true advantages and disadvantages.

ForexBY broker training system

What reviews do traders publish?

In the beginning, the cooperation went quite well. The trader was even allowed to withdraw part of the profit. Then there was a change of personal experts and serious problems began. Calls became short and chaotic, direct recommendations for deals ceased. The only concrete proposal concerned the replenishment of the account. Employees persistently and convincingly persuaded the client to deposit a large amount. As a result, the trader ended up in a debt hole and lost all invested funds.

Bad review about ForexBY broker

Trading in some cases gives good results, while most market players claim fraud on the part of the project. Traders talk about a clean water divorce and do not recommend contacting the office. They lost a large amount through the fault of a swindler.

Negative reviews about the company ForexBY

The exchange intermediary is accused of criminal fraud against its clients. Traders point out that instead of sending orders to the world market, the firm organizes a toy in the phone. The scammer takes money, not allowing you to earn on global markets. At the same time, there are also positive comments about ForexBY trading activities in the network. Feedback indicates quite normal cooperation for several months. The merchants did not have any problems, the technical support staff always provided timely assistance.

Negative reviews about ForexBY broker

Can you make money with the company?

The company has a controversial reputation and is valued differently by market players. Some traders talk about quite normal terms of cooperation on the website Reviews point to a fruitful trading activity along with experienced personal managers. Other market players report fraudulent activities of the project and do not recommend joining it. They accuse the company of violating agreements, talk about their global debt obligations. Due to the presence of numerous complaints, we recommend to refrain from cooperation with the project.

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