Easy Equities stock broker review. What can he offer?

Easy Equities stock broker review. What can he offer?

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Easy Equities Broker Review

Easy Equities is a well-known brokerage company on the American market, which talks on its website about providing customers with the opportunity to buy assets for any amount. At the same time, both experienced players and beginners can enrich themselves with a financial assistant. Despite these claims, reviews of the company leave much to be desired. What is the reason for this discrepancy – we will tell in this review.

What’s on the Easy Equities website?

The easyequities.co.za web resource looks like an electrical store, rather than a business card of a reputable broker. It looks bright, but contains many typos and inaccuracies even in the writing of slogans. After ten minutes spent on this site, it becomes obvious that no one bothered with its design. The same can be confirmed thanks to Internet services:

Evaluation of Easy Equities website

As you can see, the cost of this development is zero. This indicates that the founders of a brokerage company do not care about their own image. Their main motive is to lure gullible novice traders for material gain. Today we will be able to confirm this thesis more than once.

Trading conditions

Easy Equities calls loyalty its main feature. So, the broker does not set an entry threshold, you can open transactions with $1 in your account. In addition, residents of most countries of the world can use the company’s services. What you should pay special attention to is that our main character promises to help even minors in trading. Of course, such a step cannot be called legal.
Assets for trading on the official website easyequities.co.za are ETFs, securities, fractional shares. Reviews about the broker claim that the client’s tools depend on the currency of his account. So, for example, if you chose the dollar, you will have to deal exclusively with the American market.
The exchange intermediary set the leverage at a level from 1:1 to 1:2000, which is quite far beyond all legal limits. So, in the EU, leverage cannot be more than 1:30, and in the US – more than 1:50.
Traders are also offered a free demo account. But in order to download the software, you first need to get a personal account with Easy Equities:

Easy Equities broker's personal account

We do not recommend doing this, as there is every reason to believe that this financial assistant is a scammer. An analysis of the company’s documentation will help us finally put an end to this issue.

Legality of easyequities.co.za

There is not a single mention of a license on the website of our protagonist. There is a line in the footer about getting documents from FSP. There is not a word about the specified broker in the registry of this organization:

Easy Equities Brokerage Scam

This means only one thing: Easy Equities is the most common scam. You should never trust these companies with your money.


As our detailed review showed, the Easy Equities broker is not an American professional at all. He is the most common amateur with a cheap website, lack of important documents and negative reviews. The terms of this company are not fully disclosed. High leverage, permission to trade with minors and access to download a demo terminal only after full authorization are what give out scammers on easyequities.co.za. Do not invest here under any circumstances!

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