Crypto exchange Okcoin: a detailed overview

Crypto exchange Okcoin: a detailed overview

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Crypto exchange Okcoin

Okcoin is an exchange platform that provides free access to digital currencies. She calls her system the best way to get bitcoins. The company calls to join the fastest growing global exchange and promises to provide low commissions. In today’s review, we will tell you how the site differs and whether it will be possible to make money on it.

Information about the Okcoin project

The company talks about the way to a new financial system. She talks about her mission, which is to provide free access to digital markets. The exchange intermediary is working on creating the next generation of instruments. Innovative technologies help investors and traders to adapt and start earning.

Okcoin bills itself as a globally licensed exchange with offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Miami, Japan, Malta and Singapore. The exchange employs specialists united by a common desire to help their traders. They ensure the decentralization of finance and create a level playing field for all market players.

The company currently has 6 offices around the world. It has more than 300 experts on its staff. The exchange operates in 190 countries and serves about 1 million customers. She claims the high quality of the services provided, but this statement needs to be verified. Before starting practical trading activities, it is recommended to review the company.

Overview of Okcoin

Trading on the stock exchange

The intermediary offers to carry out transactions through a regular phone. A market player can buy and sell digital currencies regardless of their actual location. The application will provide full functionality and allow you to track the effectiveness of transactions. The user will view their portfolio and check earnings. Special systems allow you to automate market trading, controlling the average market price, getting rid of the commission.

Okcoin Crypto Exchange Security Guarantee

The company has simplified the study and purchase of the first crypto assets. To join the Okcoin system, a trader needs to take several steps:

  • Registration. A market player can create a free account and do a quick checkout.
  • Refill. A participant in the global market can make small bets or go all-in. He will quickly make a deposit using several payment systems.
  • Purchase of financial assets. Using the trading platform, the participant can make any transaction with investment products.

The company guarantees absolute security of deposits due to offline storage. It provides 24/7 transaction monitoring and multi-factor encryption. The exchange intermediary offers its clients tutorials and informational articles that will help you understand the features of the cryptographic market. He talks about profitable investment together with specialists, but the investor should not make quick decisions. Please read customer reviews before bidding.

Okcoin website

Company affiliate programs

Okcoin calls to join the project. A member of the affiliate program can receive lifetime commissions on trading fees that reach 30%. To start cooperation, just log in to your account and leave a request for partnership. Managers will contact the client within 10 working days.

The official website of the exchange talks about the partner benefits of Okcoin. The review determined that the partner can monitor performance and access customized reports. The market player will view commission deductions at the time of earnings. He will be able to take advantage of direct payment, receiving payments directly to the bank account. The company promises high-quality marketing support. It provides partners with all the materials necessary to attract customers.

Brokerage company Okcoin

What they say about Okcoin: online reviews

If earlier the stock exchange showed good results, now most of the clients have turned away from it. Traders point to small trading volumes and a very meager number of currency pairs. The only advantage of the platform is the ability to trade with fiat.

Review of the Okcoin crypto exchange

Experienced market players do not recommend working with Okcoin. The company does not allow traders to earn by taking away the entire deposit. She blocks accounts without explanation. Exchange employees accuse market players of violating the rules and prohibit the withdrawal of funds.

Bad reviews about the Okcoin crypto exchange

Merchants talk about repeated write-offs and freezing of the account. They collected all the supporting documents, but the employees never regained access to the exchange. The market player lost his nerves, time and money. He believes that the company is engaged in the most ordinary divorce.

Saeed Ali's review of the Okcoin crypto exchange

Okcoin customers talk about scam

The audit showed that Okcoin does not withdraw funds and often blocks client accounts. The stock exchange previously had a good reputation, but has recently begun to lose ground. Now market players are claiming fraud and are not recommending investing through this exchange.

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