Crypto exchange Kickex: why not trade?

Crypto exchange Kickex: why not trade?

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Kickex Crypto Exchange Review

Kickex is a fraudulent platform that swindles users’ personal funds. This crypto exchange has a very attractive official website, thanks to which you can lure newcomers who are not versed in market trading. Scammers brazenly manipulate depositors, forcing them to replenish the deposit for the maximum possible amount. They do not leave a single chance for earning, appropriating other people’s funds.

Basic information about the crypto exchange

The project appeared in 2020, but quickly gained popularity. At the moment, the network can be found a huge number of reviews of past and current customers. The Kickex exchange platform is a holistic eco-program with a unique input system and profitable offers for referrals. The average market trading per day is $10 million. About 20,000 users trade daily on the platform.

The crypto exchange has its own token. It is proof-based and has a fixed cost. Cryptographic coin is credited in cashback format for all internal transactions. You can deposit in fiat or digital currencies using the Kickex system. An overview of the available features is presented on the official website.

Registration on the platform involves three steps, including mandatory verification of identity. Verification of materials takes only a day. Representatives of the platform claim that the unique security system works at the level of personal banks and makes the platform profitable. They are directly interested in attracting new users, and therefore colorfully describe all the advantages of their development. In fact, the office has a very dubious reputation and often engages in deception.

Overview of the website of the Kickex crypto exchange

Legal entity of the fraudster

The audit showed that swindlers operate in various cities. They are aimed at the Russian-speaking audience, beginners who do not understand the features of online trading. The legal entity of Kickex is the company of the same name, registered in Tallinn. This information is provided in the client agreement. The contract with the company contains the address of the official office, which is located in Estonia.

Important points of the client agreement

Looking at the Kickex Client Agreement, there are a few interesting things to note:

  1. The company reserves the right to make any changes to the agreement, guided by its own principles.
  2. The platform has certain rules, the violation of which will result in the blocking of the client account.
  3. The crypto exchange describes the types of fraudulent activities for which the client account will be blocked.
  4. The firm warns that its own tokens may be frozen or destroyed without explanation. Naturally, this action will negatively affect the income of traders.
  5. The intermediary has the right to limit withdrawals.

The client agreement clearly indicates that the office can block or reset the account at any time. In fact, she does not even hide her criminal intentions, warning the trader of the potential danger. The trick is that not all market traders take the time to read the contract. Scammers often take advantage of this. To select a reliable project for cooperation, you should pay special attention to the client agreement posted on the official website.

The site of the Kickex company

What do customers say about Kickex?

Practicing traders say that they did not like the stock exchange. It is very difficult to trade on it due to the huge number of shortcomings. The exchange sets high commissions, and the mobile version of the platform does not function properly. Some market players talk about the demonetization of tokens and the criminal fraud of the project.

Reviews about the broker Kickex

Market players talk about the fact that representatives of the crypto-exchange reset their token to zero, took money from customers. Other market players talk about the reliability of the exchange platform, but note some flaws in its trading system. Kickex company offers a low-quality platform that is not suitable for active trading at all.

Reviews about Kickex

Traders do not recommend getting involved with the Kickex scam. Representatives of the brand cannot create a normal terminal that sends orders to the interbank market. Only bots trade on the vaunted exchange.

Negative feedback about the broker Kickex

What is the problem with the Kickex crypto exchange?

Analyzing a cryptographic exchange, experts identify several obvious shortcomings:

  • No real license. In fact, the office is not regulated by anyone.
  • Dubious client agreement, allowing the project to take away the invested funds.
  • A huge number of negative comments pointing to criminal fraud.
  • A low-quality platform that does not allow placing trading orders on the global market.

The site of the Kickex company

Among other things, at the moment the official website of the company does not work. This makes it difficult for new users to register and registered members to log in. All signs point to fraud and dishonest activities of the Kickex project. Reviews are negative, pointing to the withdrawal of funds.

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