Capabilities of the Chat GPT neural network, and why it is needed

Capabilities of the Chat GPT neural network, and why it is needed

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Capabilities of the Chat GPT neural network

At the end of 2022, the world was shocked by a new discovery – Chat GPT. It is a neural network that is extremely good at handling requests. Some users get the feeling that the program has limitless knowledge. In fact, the computer system is designed to take into account all the features of human speech. She understands how to make logical sentences and answer questions. In today’s article, we will tell you how to use know-how correctly.

How is the Chat GPT neural network different?

The neural network is served as a chatbot that answers questions, writes code, and even composes novels. It can generate queries for other neural networks and solve logic puzzles. Some users were able to argue with the computer, ask questions and get detailed explanations. Initially, the bot worked with simple tasks, learning from human answers. Over time, the procedure became more complicated and at the moment the system is able to issue meaningful replicas.

The uniqueness of the chatbot lies in the wide range of its actions. Previously, similar systems appeared on the network, but they were aimed at solving one problem. In contrast, Chat GPT is aimed at executing multiple requests. There is information that the program was able to successfully pass the exam in the specialty “Operations Management”, modifying its answers with the help of operator prompts.

The main difference between the Chat GPT system is the memorization of the conversation. The program perfectly remembers the conversation and introduces new information into the dialogue. Thanks to this innovation, the chatbot can continue the dialogue or understand the hints associated with previous remarks. Notably, the computer system avoids controversial topics. She has no race, gender, preferences in politics or religion. The developers have set special filters that block the discussion of illegal and immoral actions.

Chatbot Chat GPT neural network

Potential features of a chatbot

Chat GPT has a wide range of features, and we will name just a few of them:

  • Generating computer code – this feature will be especially useful for novice programmers.
  • Solving difficult problems will help students who cannot find the correct answer.
  • Formation of requests for other neural networks.
  • Writing a novel or creating a screenplay. The neural network has analyzed a large number of popular films, and therefore it can “invent” its own plot.
  • Medical advice. The bot is able to give real advice based on the data received. The user must tell about the symptoms, after which the system will give a ready answer.
  • Compiling surveys. The chatbot itself will come up with questions for the target audience. A person will only have to set the topic of the survey.
  • A job description is useful to an employer who is looking for hired employees. The neural network will tell about the job, describe its advantages and requirements for the applicant.

Features of ChatGPT

When communicating with a chatbot, the user must take into account some rules. In the first sentence, you must specify the topic of communication. Next, you should set the exact task on which the neural network will work. A person can ask clarifying questions, ask for any advice. Correct use of Chat GPT will allow you to significantly expand your horizons and solve many professional problems.

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