Brokerage office STROVERA: is it worth believing?

Brokerage office STROVERA: is it worth believing?

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Broker review STROVERA

STROVERA offers to open a trading account within 3 minutes. It provides access to the interbank market, provides an opportunity to trade a wide range of financial instruments. The broker allows you to make transactions from anywhere in the world, earning on the correct forecasting. He claims that the team employs experienced professionals who can provide quality support. We will review this claim today, reviewing available information and customer feedback. The reader will learn whether the project can be trusted.

Advantages on the official STROVERA website

The company describes professional market trading that fully meets the expectations of institutional players. Qualified investors and traders get the necessary tools, earning on the pricing of various assets. The broker claims to have won numerous awards for providing quality trading services. It has been operating on world markets for more than 4 years, during which time the founders of the company have developed balanced conditions and ensured financial stability. They speak of a high professional level, but such an honorary title always needs to be checked. By studying expert reviews and reviews, the contributor will be able to choose the best project.

Broker STROVERA talks about the advantages that distinguish it from its competitors:

Website of the brokerage company STROVERA

  1. Stable interbank liquidity. All transactions are opened without the participation of an intermediary. Direct access to global markets is provided, slippage is completely absent.
  2. Multilingual support. The broker’s team is represented by specialists from different countries. The client receives advice from an expert who communicates in an understandable language.
  3. Several types of accounts. Depending on the goals set, the exchange player can choose the appropriate tariff plan.
  4. Provides 24/7 access. An investor can conclude transactions at any convenient time, because the brokerage system operates 24 hours a day.
  5. Modern platform. The working terminal has wide functionality. It allows you to analyze world markets and make profitable deals. The platform can be easily downloaded to a personal computer or mobile phone.
  6. Global regulation. The financial activity of the company is controlled by authoritative regulators. The supervisory authority checks the reporting and monitors the legality of ongoing transactions.

STROVERA guarantees the withdrawal of profits within 1 day. The investor gets low spreads and swaps. There is a step-by-step optimization of conditions during the transition to a new professional level. Leading liquidity providers are connected to the system, which provide fast data transfer, the ability to conclude transactions with any volume. All these advantages look very attractive, but it is recommended to carry out a careful review before replenishing the deposit. If the reviews indicate fraud, then it is better to refuse to replenish the deposit.

Why choose a broker STROVERA

What trading conditions does the broker set?

STROVERA offers to activate one of the 3 presented accounts:

  • Standard – Provides access to the market from a $150 deposit. Leverage is 1:100, instant execution is provided. The tariff plan is suitable for those who are just starting their professional development.
  • Standard Plus – provides the opportunity to trade from a deposit of $ 1,000. The leverage increases to a ratio of 1:500, cryptocurrencies and precious metals are available, and deposits are insured.
  • VIP – the client receives premium conditions. Starting from $10,000 replenishment. The investor can count on deposit protection and 24/7 personal support.

To calculate the potential profit, STROVERA offers to use the profit calculator. A trader should remember that this tool is often used by scammers to lure newbies. To avoid criminal fraud and choose a reliable broker, we recommend that you pay attention to independent reviews. An overview of the available information will help to preserve the invested capital.

News of the brokerage company STROVERA

Testimonials from past clients of STROVERA

Angry comments are common on independent sites. Clients point to incompetent support, volatile quotes and poor trading conditions. Some market players talk about the theft of large sums. The investor replenished the deposit, but the money disappeared from the account. Professional reviews describe scams by the STROVERA project. Users notice that there are fake reviews on the network to attract depositors.

Fake reviews about the broker STROVERA

The company is often accused of cheating. Exchange players call STROVERA a typical scam that accepts money to offshore accounts. Reviews and reviews allow us to conclude about criminal fraud. Making money with this office is not realistic. At first, market trading is going well, but over time, project representatives drain the client’s deposit.

Negative reviews about the broker STROVERA

Can you make money with the company?

A review of the available information showed that STROVERA is not at all an honest broker. The fraudulent project targets beginners who do not understand the intricacies of market trading. There are angry reviews on third-party resources. Deceived investors talk about the theft of funds, incompetent employees. We recommend to abandon market trading with STROVERA.

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