Broker Fresh Forex: is it worth believing the promises of the “next”?

Broker Fresh Forex: is it worth believing the promises of the “next”?

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Fresh Forex broker review and customer reviews

The Fresh Forex company guarantees stable work in global markets, but is it worth believing its words? Practice shows that often a banal divorce is hidden behind loud statements. To save your money, the reader should pay attention to some important factors. Today we will tell you how a fraudulent company differs from a conscientious broker.

Fake company benefits

Fresh Forex strives to offer the best trading conditions. He calls for the registration of traders who really want to earn. At the moment the firm serves clients from 158 countries of the world. It actively cooperates with major liquidity providers, influential European authorities. The company declares the high quality of brokerage services and worldwide recognition.
The exchange intermediary allegedly won a prestigious award for the exceptional quality of trading systems. It provides a choice of more than 270 investment products, including precious metals, energy resources, stock indices, stocks and more. The company guarantees instant withdrawal of orders to global markets. An exchange player can trade with floating spreads that start from 0 pips.
The official website talks about a simple replenishment of the deposit and quick payouts. The client is promised instant crediting of the entire amount without commissions and additional fees. At the same time, the web portal of the exchange intermediary does not look the best. Fresh Forex does not display licenses or certificates, and therefore raises serious suspicions. There is a possibility that she does not provide any services, deceiving honest merchants.

Fresh Forex official website

What does a registered trader get?

To attract market players, Fresh Forex demonstrates its services:

  • Leverage up to 1:2000 ratio. The trader will make large transactions, significantly increasing his potential earnings.
  • Trading is available through the telegram channel. The participant of the brokerage system will give orders in a convenient format.
  • Trading is carried out in micro-lots from 0.01.
  • Free analytical and educational materials are provided. The merchant will be able to undergo training and reach a completely new professional level.
  • Order execution takes only 0.05 seconds.
  • The company guarantees a quick withdrawal of funds.
  • An advisor shop is provided, where you can purchase a robotic program for automating trading.

The firm publishes statements that do not correspond to reality at all. She describes the high quality of brokerage services and fast withdrawals, while in reality everything looks completely different. Deceived customers cannot get their money, and calls to technical support do not bring any benefit. As a result, they lose money and precious time.

Fresh Forex Broker Trading Platform

Traders about Fresh Forex: review of comments

Traders believe that all the positive reviews are fake. The official site clearly indicates that we have a standard Forex kitchen. There is no regulation, and among the employees there are incompetent swindlers who only want to extort funds. Fresh Forex are pure scammers.

Fresh Forex - scammers and deceivers

The pseudo-broker reads negative comments and responds to them regularly. He claims to have been active in the global market for 17 years and has gained a wealth of trading experience in that time. Market players believe that paid advisors are a swindler. A trader has to spend money in the hope of getting a quality robot, but in the end, this system drains the starting capital.

Fresh Forex Broker Reviews

Prospects for cooperation with the brand

Before us is a standard divorce, which is of no interest to a professional investor. Everything points to the fact that swindling newbies is the only goal of Fresh Forex. Reviews show that the office does not plan to return client money at all. She does everything to take away financial resources and forever drive her trader into a debt hole.

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