Atlantic Alliance pseudo-broker review and user reviews

Atlantic Alliance pseudo-broker review and user reviews

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Atlantic Alliance broker review

Another project from productive scammers called Atlantic Alliance did not last long – having been launched in June 2021, it closed a couple of weeks ago. This sharashka is no different from its twin brothers NovaFX, Legal Cost Finance Limited, TMT Group, Datum Finance Limited and Crown Business Solutions.

Atlantic Alliance platform – what advantages does the broker mention?

The official website of the Atlantic Alliance, which previously functioned in the same way as in the above projects, offered safe trading and a deposit bonus of up to 70% of the amount. The page had two versions – Russian and English, but foreign traders had never heard of this dump; scammers target only the wallets of citizens of Russia and the CIS countries.
Of course, gullible Pinocchio, according to the plan of the creators of the Atlantic Alliance scam, must necessarily believe the promises of crooks about the reliability, safety and competent work of local specialists. Trading is simulated on an incomprehensible terminal, and scammers provide “help” through the AnyDesk program, which allows them to access the client’s bank accounts.

The main signs of fraud – how to recognize fraud?

Before you blindly carry money to dubious offices, you need to study how scammers work in the Atlantic Alliance. A number of facts point to the bad faith of the company and its fictitious activities:

  • promotion of near-market services and lack of specificity regarding trading conditions – scammers talk a lot about the help of a personal analyst, market reviews and trust management, but do not say a word about exactly how to trade on their platform;
  • the broker Atlantic Alliance, which, according to legend, is registered in the UK, will resolve disputes only in Japan – this is indicated in the user agreement;
  • lack of contact details – the dealer indicates fake numbers, a non-existent email address and random locations in London, where it is useless to look for it.

Investments with the broker Atlantic Alliance and withdrawal methods

Right now, registration is not available in the Atlantic Alliance, but this does not mean that scammers will not appear again on another domain. Swindlers drag their profitable investment portfolios from one scam to another:

Briefcase franklin buffet Samuelso
Required capital $10,000 $10,000 $50,000

Portfolio composition

Up to 8 shares, currency and commodity assets Up to 14 stocks, raw materials, currencies Up to 21 stocks, raw materials and currencies
Expected quarterly return  






Maximum drawdown 4.5% 4.5% 9.7%
Investment term 3 months 1 year 3 years

The attackers do not even stutter about the possibility of requesting a withdrawal of funds from the Atlantic Alliance – and it is so clear that it will not be possible to return their money from the sucker that has sunk into oblivion.

Atlantic Alliance pseudo-broker review

Legal information and user reviews

What legend did the creators of the Atlantic Alliance come up with this time? The site says that the sharashka has been operating since 2003, but checking the site showed the opposite. For cover, the crooks used the data of an existing British company that has been in existence for 18 years, but deals with debt and debt capital issues.
An anonymous scam that pretended to be a successful Atlantic Alliance broker has successfully closed, leaving dozens of users with nothing. Prior to this, scammers actively cleaned up unflattering comments and ordered positive reviews.

Atlantic Alliance Broker Review

Angry review about broker Atlantic Alliance

The real negative reviews about the Atlantic Alliance directly warn traders to avoid this and similar projects. Users report that even after verification, scammers refuse to withdraw money.

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