500Capital: half a thousand ways to steal your money

500Capital: half a thousand ways to steal your money

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Broker 500Capital scam review

This broker promises to increase capital for both beginners and experienced traders. And liquidity providers for the company supposedly have an impeccable reputation and a worldwide reputation. So many beautiful words, but so little truth in them. What is a lie and what is the truth in the company 500Capital – we will find out further.

Castles in the air from a broker

Forex, global stock, commodity and commodity markets, portfolios, indices, cryptocurrencies – the company 500Capital allegedly offers access to these instruments. The company considers its goal to be “helping clients achieve financial freedom.” The statement is quite loud and ambiguous. To achieve these goals, 500Capital takes just two steps:

  1. Informs traders about events that change the market and tells how to make money on it.
  2. Gives you a “fishing rod” (that’s what it says on the brokerage firm’s website). Further, the office deciphers: “financial instruments are offered for catching big fish.”

The company considers its advantages to be client confidentiality, low spreads and commissions for transactions, training for beginners and specialists, as well as minimal chances of losing funds. And this is the first problem.

The broker states that during cooperation with him the client will find the so-called “own risk formula”, which the trader can use on an ongoing basis. However, details about the formula could not be found.
Also, when reading the user agreement, we found out that the broker shifts all responsibility for risks to the user, and thus the company protects itself from losses.

The trading platform is abstract, like other things in 500Capital. According to the developers, it is exceptionally secure and has 128-bit encryption. But the name of the miracle mechanism is not indicated anywhere. The site only says that quotes are available in the web version, on IOS, Windows, Android. Therefore, there are risks that this platform may be fake and all the numbers on it are simply made up.

Broker trading platform 500Capital

Subjectively, the office’s website is quite primitive. Narrow functionality, poorly thought out menu, minimal information content and outdated design. In addition, the platform freezes. And if this is an international company, as the company positions itself, then why is the site only available in Russian and English? The question is rhetorical.

Trading packages 500Capital

To register, the client must indicate:

  1. first and last name;
  2. phone number;
  3. email;
  4. wallet type.

These are the minimum components for verification on the site, which completely contradicts the broker’s security and privacy policy.

The company offers traders a minimum deposit of €1,000, after which new opportunities and bonuses for trading will supposedly open up for clients. In addition, instant execution of orders is promised. There are 2 types of trading packages:

  • Standard. Floating spread – from 1.3 points, no commissions, leverage 1:10 – 1:300.
  • VIP. For those investors who invest more than €100,000 euros, the SwapFree service is provided.

There is no information on the website about which programs you can use to replenish your account and withdraw capital. There is also no information about limits on the number of transactions per day or the maximum cash-out amount. The absence of such important data is alarming.

Legal information about the office

The broker’s primitive website does not provide any history about the founding of the company. It is unknown who runs the office. The broker’s domain name was created in 2017, and about a few months later the first reviews about the organization’s activities began to appear. According to the service, the site was created in the USA, and not in Australia, as 500Capital presents it.

Information about the office 500Capital

At the same time, the legal rights of the platform are owned by 500 Capital PTY LIMITED, it is allegedly registered at 5 11 Queens Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia. On the website of the country’s registry of legal entities it is written that this company has been deregistered. The email and phone number on the site are “dead” and judging by the reviews, it is impossible to reach the broker through them.

Regulator of the 500Capital company

The company publishes a so-called license called “Broker regulator”. However, this structure is illegal and only masquerades as a regulator of brokers.

Broker reviews

All online comments about 500Capital indicate that the company is fraudulent. You can find dozens of reviews of victims who were unable to withdraw their funds from the broker’s accounts. Many claim that the “support service” demands to deposit more and more money, and after the first complaints, customer accounts are blocked. In addition, the security of your data is also at risk because the company secretly sells customer phone numbers to other organizations. The company often appears on blacklists of brokers on specialized portals.

Review of losing money with broker 500Capital

Feedback about the plum phone number 500Capital

Negative review of cooperation with broker 500Capital


The absence of any licenses from authoritative regulators, gaps in basic trading information for the trader, as well as many negative reviews indicate the dishonesty of the 500Capital company. Do not invest money in this broker!

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